This is One Lucky Guy

Australian truck driver Bill Morgan’s extraordinary string of luck began, strangely enough, when he was crushed in a truck accident and suffered a fatal heart attack. Clinically dead for more than 14 minutes, Morgan was revived. After 12 days in a coma, – during which time his family was advised to unplug life support – he awoke with all of his facilities intact. A year after his heart stopped, he proposed to his girlfriend, Lisa Wells. She said yes. And then he bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and won a car worth $17,000. A Melbourne TV station was so impressed with his run of luck, it decided to do a story on Morgan and re-enact his scratching of the ticket. As the cameras rolled, Wells won a jackpot worth $170,000 (250,000 Australia dollars), what an amazing luck.

Video by 90sWrestlingBoy