Probably The Best Prescription Ever

According to the World Health Organization, 80% of medical consultations are due to modern diseases like stress, depression, physical inactivity and obesity. Although traditional medicine usually works, patients were missing something, something many homeless dogs have. With the help of a group of general physicians, physiologists, veterinarians and specialists in animal-assisted therapy, an album was created with a list of over 1200 homeless dogs that, because of their race, personality and skills, could be prescribed to combat some special types of disease such as work stress, obesity, depression and physical inactivity. The album was delivered to over 730 specialist clinics and invited them to include the dogs in their prescriptions as a complement for the treatments. In the same way that a medication is prescribed, we asked them to prescribe a dog. Hundreds of patients now have a better quality of life, but also 78% of the dogs from Animal Love Foundation were adopted.

Video by Sancho BBDO, Bogot?, Colombia