Construction Cranes Showing Off

This is how you impress 2,000 of your best customers. Using specifically constructed cross beams for the load, the flagship of the crawler cranes lifted the next largest crane, the 1,080-tonne LR 11350, which in turn held two further crawler cranes, the LR 1350 (288 tonnes) and the LR 1100 (62 tonnes). In front of an astonished audience, the LR 13000 rotated as well as moved in a travel direction with this 1,430-tonne-heavy “crane mobile”. These impressive cranes are made by The Liebherr Group, a large equipment manufacturer based in Switzerland. Established in 1949 Liebherr Group today is a leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, but also supplies innovative user-oriented products and services in many other fields. The family-owned enterprise employs more than 39,000 people in over 130 companies worldwide.

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