Harrier Jet Emergency Landing on Cargo Ship

The Alraigo Incident refers to the landing by a lost British Royal Navy Sea Harrier fighter aircraft on the deck of a Spanish container ship in 1983.This remarkable news footage on the recovery of Sea Harrier ZA176 and Sub-Lt Ian Watson after the Alraigo docked in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, June 1983. In 2007, Britain’s National Archives released a number of Royal Navy files, and the second inquiry report was finally made public. Noting that Watson had completed only 75 percent of his training before he had been sent to sea, the board blamed Watson’s inexperience, and his commanders for assigning him an airplane “”not fully prepared for the sortie,”” a reference to radio problems. Nonetheless, Watson was reprimanded and given a desk job. Watson eventually acquired 2,000 hours in Sea Harriers and another 900 in F/A-18s before resigning his commission in 1996.