How Viennetta Ice Cream is Made

The original Viennetta was a multi-layered ice cream comprising layers of vanilla ice cream with sprayed-on layers of compound chocolate. The layers of ice cream were extruded, one after another, onto trays sitting on a moving belt. The rate of extrusion was greater than the speed of the belt, which caused a deliberate ‘bunching’ of the ice cream; each layer was extruded at a different speed from the previous layer. The final effect was akin to a series of waves rippling through the product. Allegedly, this effect was originally unintended, however, it was swiftly recognized as a winner, and the product was launched with the ‘bunching’. Launched originally as a multi-portion dessert product, it has been so successful after being launched throughout KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants that Unilever, owners of Wall’s, has produced many flavors and size variants. Viennetta is no longer available in the United States, and Unilever no longer produces the brand in Canada.