Cool Jet Powered Fishing Kayak Boat

These guys have made fishing more fun than ever. The kayaks feature waterproof storage compartments, fishing rod holders and an on-board digital dashboard telling your engine RPM, battery level, coolant temperature and a gas gauge. The 7.5 liter fuel tank is enough for two hours at full throttle fun. The jet pump is fitted with an innovative ‘weed cutter’ device to ensure no vegetation gets curled up around the shafts, so there’s no problem with using it in sea-weedy water. The engine has been selected for its smooth, quiet drive so you can take it up a quiet river without making a nuisance of yourself to other campers. Fire up the electric-start 9.5hp 4-stroke engine with closed loop water cooling system and open the hand-held throttle and you’re off like a shot on your way to the 25mph top speed, which will feel very quick indeed when you are sitting low in the waves. The joystick steering is quick and responsive enough to throw you if you are not on your guard.

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