At The Bottom of the Deepest Pool in The World With a Single Breath of Air

On a single breath of air, Guillaume Néry explores the deepest pool in the world in Italy: Y40. The action is filmed on breath hold by his wife Julie Gautier. The pool is located at Hotel Terme Millepini, a a four-star hotel in Montegrotto Terme, Padua, Italy. It contains 100 rooms and is recognized for having the world’s deepest pool, the Y-40, is in the Guinness World Records. The pool is 40 meters (131 ft) deep, and it contains 4,300 cubic meters (1,136,000 US gal) of thermal water kept at a temperature of 32–34 °C (90–93 °F). The pool features underwater caves and a suspended, transparent, underwater tunnel for guests to walk through. It includes platforms at various depths, ranging from 1.3 meters (4.3 ft) to 12 meters (39 ft), before the walls of the pool narrow into a well-like funnel which plunges straight down to 40 meters (131 ft).

Video by guillaumenery