Shoe Store Fluoroscope

The little known shoe store X-Ray machines called Fluoroscopes that were used to show your feet inside your shoes. This machines installed in shoe stores from the 1920s until about the 1970s in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. The gimmick changed from decade to decade to suit the market at the time, but the most famous sales pitches were that the fluoroscope allowed salesmen to better fit shoes and that it made it more fun for kids to go to the shoe store. During the Great Depression, a popular sales pitch was that the fluoroscope allowed the best possible fit, which made for longer-lasting shoes and implied that customers would not have to buy as many pairs for themselves or for their children. In reality, the shoe-fitting fluoroscope was nothing more than a way to attract potential customers because the fit also depends on the flesh size, which was difficult to make out in the fluoroscope.

Video by Eugene Fournier