Dog Reunited After Being Lost For 8 Months

11 year old Rocco Risso and his lost dog, Jack, were separated by the cruel hand of fate. One day, Jack went missing without any sign or trace of where he could be. Rocco never lost hope that his long-lost dog would find his way back to him. The family searched everywhere near their home in Argentina for the lost dog, but in all that time, Jack’s whereabouts never surfaced. “I can’t explain how much Rocco cried and missed him for all those months,” the boy’s mother, Romi, said. That sadness and certainty never faded. Even as the months went by, Rocco never got over Jack, he just couldn’t accept that his best friend had disappeared for good. Luckily he didn’t accept it! A family friend noticed a stray dog wandering near a gas station and recognized him immediately, it was Jack! The friend called Romi, setting the stage for a truly heartwarming reunion.