Simple Toy is Oddly Satisfying, Insane Spintop Skills

Takeshi Kamisoto is one of the world’s best spintop (Trompo) players. He shows us some of the most insane gravity defying tricks with a spin top that we didn’t even know was possible. He is an innovator and one of the most respected players in the skill toy community. A Trompo is a top which is spun by winding a length of string around the body, and launching it so that lands spinning on its point. The string may also be wound around the point while the trompo is spinning in order to control its position or even lift the spinning top to another surface. These toys are popular in Latin America where the name trompo emerged, but there are very many different local names. In Spain, these toys may be called trompo or peonza, perinola, and pirinola. In the Philippines, they are called trumpo or turumpo, while in Portugal they’re called piao. In Japan, similar tops are known as koma, with most cities having a particular design. In Germany a Peitschenkreisel may also be called Doppisch, Dildop, Pindopp, Dilledopp, Triesel or Tanzknopf (roughly dancing top).