Hiking 60 Miles Alone in Hornstrandir Iceland

This guy hiked 60 miles alone in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in Northern Iceland. His journey took him through streams, past waterfalls, around cliffs, over passes and eventually to the stunningly beautiful horn cliffs. Solo hikes usually don’t involve much talking and he wanted to make a film that reflected the minimalism and silence of the area. Hornstrandir is the final peninsula that juts over the top of the West Fjords, Iceland – and remains a daunting place for its intense beauty and extreme nature. The mountains are pyramid-shaped, sharpened by constant ice and wind. The cliffs stand up like defiant walls against the sea, and the intermittent valleys are lush green places of rare plants and wildflowers. It is a place to enjoy silence – a place where you actually notice the sound of a bird’s wings, the wind, the trickle of a stream or the hum of a very distant boat engine. Other than Iceland’s desert interior, Hornstrandir is the best place to feel completely alone on planet Earth.