Ecuador’s Rainforest Gets Contaminated

In 2011, the organization Amazon Watch received a mysterious package from a Chevron whistleblower. No return address, just dozens of DVDs and a note: I hope this is useful for you in the trial against Texaco/Chevron! Signed, a friend from Chevron. Chevron, which bought Texaco in 2001, had just been found guilty for one of the worst environmental disasters on the planet in Ecuador’s rainforest. Ordered to pay $9.5 billion to clean up their contamination, Chevron instead fled the country and sued the communities in the U.S. for extortion. The tapes are internal company videos documenting Chevron’s efforts to hide contamination during the trial. Chevron technicians are secretly surveying the company’s former oil fields and well sites it allegedly cleaned up in advance of a site visit by the presiding judge in the Ecuador trial. After 22 years of litigation, Chevron has vowed to fight the Ecuadorian indigenous and farmer communities until ‘hell freezes over’ and then fight it out on the ice. Meanwhile, the affected people continue to live with the pollution and lack potable water and health care.

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