Domestic Cats Vs. Big Cats

From house cats to tigers, no matter what the size, cats are all very similar. Oh yeah except BIG cats can and will eat you if they feel like it. They will always have their wild instincts, which make them dangerous and unpredictable. Did you know it’s legal to own tigers, lions and other big cats as ‘pets’ in over half of the USA? Not only is this is a HUGE public safety concern it also means that THOUSANDS of exotic animals are languishing in tiny backyard cages or rundown roadside ‘zoos’. Breeders also exploit big cat cubs as photo props and force them to perform in circus acts, when they become too large to use or become ‘unmanageable’ they’re discarded back into the exotic animal trade and killed for their body parts or made into trophies.

Video by chrispoole20