Awesome Fresh Lobster Restaurant

This lobster shack in Los Angeles overnights its lobsters so they’re fresh every day. Let’s break it down: Ordered 48 hours ago ? Caught in Maine ? Driven to Boston ? Flown to Los Angeles Airport ? 8 hours later ? sustainable lobster on a roll. You cannot beat fresher Maine Lobster in LA than at the Knuckle and Claw restaurant. They?ve perfected lobster logistics so much, even Amazon couldn?t beat them. It?s a bold statement but it’s true. All in all, the rolls are fairly simple without a lot of elements, but that?s not a negative comment. The whole concept behind the restaurant is having the freshest ingredients around, and allowing them to really stand on their own. If you’re In LA and you want to reminisce about the East Coast, this is where you come. Knuckle and Claw is located at 3112 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Video by Food Steez