This is How a Large Picasso Painting is Moved

‘Le Tricorne,’ a ballet stage curtain painted by modern art master Pablo Picasso, was slowly unfurled over the course of several hours in its new home: the New-York Historical Society. Picasso’s curtain for the ballet Le Tricorne set the scene for the Ballets Russes’ 1919 production with a quintessentially Spanish vignette: a bullfight (corrida). Picasso’s bullring, with spectators gathered in a classical arcade, recalls one of his favorite arenas for bullfights, the Roman amphitheater at Nimes, France, and stays true to traditional colors of the plaza de toros: ochre yellow and reddish orange. Before making its permanent home at the New-York Historical Society, the masterful stage curtain hung at the iconic Four Seasons Restaurant in the Seagram Building for over 50 years.

Video by nyhistory