Australian Kids Hunt and Prepare Mud Crabs

These Australian kids headed to the mangroves for the day to see if they could catch a few big mud crabs to cook up for lunch. After a successful catch, they decided to show you all how to cook them up and also make their secret butter lemon sauce recipe. Mud crab, mangrove crab or black crab, is an economically important species of crab found in the estuaries and mangroves of Africa, Australia and Asia. In their most common form, the shell color varies from a deep, mottled green to very dark brown. Generally cooked with their shells on, when they moult their shells, they can be served as one of many types of soft shell crab. Some consider them to be among the tastiest of crab species, and demand for them is large in South and Southeast Asian countries, where they are often bought alive in the markets. In the northern states of Australia and especially Queensland, mud crabs are relatively common and generally prized above other seafood by the general public. Mud crabs can be killed by placing them in a freezer for up to two hours before cooking.

Video by TarraDarraBros