Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Emerson, Lake & Palmer were an English progressive rock supergroup formed in London in 1970. The group consisted of keyboardist Keith Emerson, singer, bassist, and producer Greg Lake, and drummer and percussionist Carl Palmer. They were one of the most popular and commercially successful progressive rock bands in the 1970s. Here they perform ‘Hoedown’ from composer Aaron Copland for his 1942 opera Rodeo. Emerson, Lake & Palmer adapted the piece for their 1972 album Trilogy. It’s the only song on the group’s third album not written by a member of the trio, but they have such fun with it (especially in concert) that it sounds like a natural fit on the LP. Other popular songs by the group include ‘From the Beginning’, ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’, ‘Tarkus’, ‘Lucky Man’ and ‘Karn Evil 9’.

Video by X3nt