Two Legged Chihuahua’s First Hike

A disabled Chihuahua doesn’t let anything get in her way of enjoying life as a normal, playful puppy. In Autumn 2015, Daffodil was found abandoned in a cardboard box on the streets by a Good Samaritan who took the neglected puppy to the nearby rescue center at San Francisco SPCA. This tiny puppy was born with a congenital forelimb deformity, resulting in her front arms never fully developing. The quick-thinking veterinary staff fitted Daffodil with custom made wheels, and after a little practice, the pooch was able to walk and run. Shortly after, veterinary technician Olivia Kong fell in love with this cute canine and adopted her from the rescue center. And just over a year after she was found – approaching first birthday – Daffodil went on her first hike.

Video by Barcroft