Buggy Can Drive in the Air

The Parajet Skyquad is a buggy that can drive on pretty much any terrain. It also has a three-blade propeller and paraglider that lets it fly through the air. With an aggressive design and sporty looks, the Parajet SkyQuad is the next step in the small, but elite segment of radical, lightweight aviation. An adventure-filled mix of all-terrain buggy with thoroughbred aviation technology aimed at those who seek the ultimate adrenaline experience. Weight: 420kg (926lbs) excluding driver, Bodywork: Glass/carbon fiber composite, Max. Road Speed: 185kph (115mph), Max. Air Speed: 88.5kph (55mph), Takeoff Speed: 59.5kph (37mph), Cruise Speed: 56.3kph (35mph), Max. Altitude: 15,000ft., Restricted Altitude: 10,000ft, Range: 21.8km (200miles).

Video by Insider