Cool U.S Invention Against Forest Fires

The Modular Airborne Firefighting System, also known by its acronym MAFFS, is a self-sufficient technical equipment which can be used on board a cargo aircraft, such as a C-130 Hercules, and that allows the aircraft to operate in firefighting operations as an ‘Airtanker’. This allows the use of Air Force aircraft as fire-fighting aircraft, in case of need. Congress established the MAFFS program after the 1970 Laguna Fire overwhelmed the existing aviation firefighting resources. The USFS was directed to develop a program in cooperation with the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve to produce the equipment, training and operational procedures to integrate military air tankers into the national response system. MAFFS equipment is stationed at eight locations around the United States. They are considered a ’24-hour resource’, meaning that when activated, it is expected that it will take 24 hours for the aircraft to arrive on scene, as the C-130s have to be pulled from their regular military duties and fitted with the MAFFS equipment.

Video by Video by: Brandi Hansen, Master Sgt. Daniel Butterfield, Sgt. Ty Moore and Tech. Sgt. William Moore